Why Dorming As A Trainee Can Actually Be A Horrible Experience, According To BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Life before debuting is not fancy at all.

Like most K-Pop idols, BLACKPINK has had to live in dorms during their careers at some point. In the past, the group has gained attention for their luxurious apartments shown on several reality shows. 

BLACKPINK Rosé’s dorm | BLACKPINK/ YouTube

Yet, it seems as if that hasn’t always been the case and, like most idols, they have had times where the members have had to share smaller dorms where the conditions haven’t been amazing.

SHINee’s dorm where all the members had to share one room (not mentioned in the video)

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has recently appeared on the new JTBC show Sea of Hope, where she not only showcased just how amazing her vocals are and how sweet a person she is and told stories about her career.

As all the cast were working together for the episodes, Rosé stayed in a room with AKMU singer Suhyun and actress Kim Go Eun. Despite the three staying in a small room, they all seemed to be having a great time with each other. In particular, Go Eun seemed to find the experience exciting and new compared to the other two.

During the clip, Rosé explained how the feeling of living with other people in the dorms wasn’t new to her as she had been doing it for eight years.

Yet, it wasn’t always as nice and comfortable as many expected, especially when Rosé first came to Korea and before she even made the debut team, which would eventually become BLACKPINK.

When I first came to Korea, I wasn’t even in the debut team. There were cockroaches. “At that time, it wasn’t confirmed that we would make our debut. Due to that, we didn’t live in such a nice place.

It isn’t the first time Rosé and the other members have spoken about the hardships they suffered before debuting, in particular with insects. During an episode of their reality show 24/365 with BLACKPINK, they revealed how they lived with cockroaches and centipedes.

Yet, only Lisa was brave enough to catch them, and the members added how thankful they were to her because they were all too terrified to catch it themselves!


With the success and fame the group has, it’s almost impossible to imagine a time where it was doubted, which meant that they had to live somewhere like that. Yet, even now, it is a reality that many K-Pop trainees have to endure.

You can watch the whole clip below.


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