DPR IAN’s Most Embarrassing Moment As A Former K-Pop Idol Will Make You Mad At How The Group Was Treated

The group didn’t deserve the reaction they got.

During his interview for the Zach Sang Show, DPR IAN reflected on his years as a K-Pop idol and revealed how tough the industry can be, especially on lesser-known groups. Having spent three years as a member and leader of Yedang Entertainment‘s boy group C-CLOWN, he shared his most embarrassing moment, which’ll make you upset about the treatment they received.

DPR IAN | @dprian/Instagram

While recalling the past, DPR IAN remembered “one of the most embarrassing times” as a K-Pop idol. It happened during one of C-CLOWN’s pre-recordings for a music show, where they got up at five in the morning for hair and makeup, only to wait four hours to go through rehearsal.

When the group was on their second round of promotions, they faced a difficulty common for newly debuted groups. They “had a hard time” finding the infamous red light for the camera. DPR IAN admitted, “The light was tiny as f**k. So sometimes when you’re dancing, you miss it.

Despite how many idols have spoken up about how tricky it can be to find the camera, C-CLOWN was immediately punished. Sadly, it didn’t stop at just shouting.

I think, one of my members, he missed looking at the red light… When we came back down, we just got yelled at like crazy because he missed it.


They were publicly shamed in front of everyone—from staff members to fellow K-Pop groups. DPR IAN revealed, “They made us kneel in the corridor where everyone was going back and forth from the stage to the waiting rooms. It was just the most embarrassing [thing].

Because C-CLOWN was a newer group at the time, they could’ve easily received a few tips on how to spot the tiny red light better. Unfortunately, they were shamed for such a minor mistake that happens to many groups—even the more popular ones.

Maru, Rome (DPR IAN), T.K, Ray, Kangjun, and Siwoo. | Yedang Entertainment

Watch DPR IAN reflect on the embarrassing moment that seems harsh for such a small mistake.