Rain’s NSFW Guest Dr. Penis Has A Wholesome Message For His Subscribers

His name may be NSFW, but his message is important.

In the latest episode of Season B Season, Rain continues his journey of meeting famous content creators on YouTube by meeting a surprising guest, urologist Dr. Penis!

Rain and Dr. Penis on Season B Season | Season B Season/YouTube 

He was there to answer all Rain’s questions about men’s genitals and sexual drives. It was an unusual video since, usually, Rain keeps his content child-friendly in Season B Season, but for obvious reasons, Dr. Penis’s topics were extremely NSFW.

When Rain tried to tone down Dr. Penis’s jokes, he replied by saying, “The younger generation are even more enthusiastic about this.

What followed was a steady series of questions from Rain and informative answers and teasing from Dr. Penis. There were also male dancers Judam, Jeon Ki Hoon, and Lee Minho featured as guests who competed with Rain to see who had more knowledge of male genitals.

After the quiz, Dr. Penis was asked why he began his YouTube channel in the first place, and his answer was surprisingly wholesome and serious.

We still have a very conservative attitude toward sex and we learn stuff behind the curtains, which is why people are misinformed in so many areas so we end up abusing sex. If we learn of its value, we’ll practice sex with more care.

— Dr. Penis/YouTube

Dr. Penis’s YouTube channel currently has only about 164,000 subscribers, so being a guest on Season B Season, which has approximately 1,670,000 subscribers, will hopefully bring his message to more male South Koreans and encourage them to be more open about their sex education.

Watch the full episode below!