Drama PD Under Fire After Kim So Hyun Spotted In Freezing Lake At -10 Degrees

It was -16˚C, but the director insisted on getting the shot.

The PD for Radio Romance has come under fire after pictures of what looked like Kim So Hyun filming a scene in a lake surfaced.

Temperatures in Korea have been freezing recently, often dipping below -10°C (14°F).

During the filming of this specific scene, the temperature was a chilling -16°C (3°F).

At the drama’s press conference, PD Moon Jun Ha commented on the filming issue.

“Kim So Hyun finished filming back on January 1st and we were very worried when she was filming in the water because it is currently winter.

We arranged for safety equipment and a camper car as a way to help maintain body temperature.”

— Moon Jun Ha

He then revealed the person in the picture was not Kim So Hyun, but a stunt double.

“The person in the photo that surfaced the other day was of a stunt double, not Kim So Hyun.

It only took 1 take to film. Safety on set is important.”

— Moon Jun Ha

Radio Romance stars Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon, Kim So Hyun, Yoon Park, and Girl’s Day’s Yura. It begins airing January 29.

It aims to tell the story of people who work on a live-broadcast radio show and how they deal with adversity.

Source: Segye Ilbo