A Dream Saved SEVENTEEN S.COUPS’s Life In A Car Accident, Here’s How

He had a familiar angel looking over his shoulder.

Even though the members of SEVENTEEN aren’t quick to believe superstitions, S.COUPS‘s story of a dream saving his life made everyone think twice.

S.COUPS | @pledis_17/Twitter

When they shared spooky stories, S.COUPS recalled a memory from his childhood. He revealed, “I got in a car accident when I was young.

Days before the accident, S.COUPS received a warning in the form of a dream. He added, “Two days before, I had a dream about my grandfather.

Because S.COUPS “liked him a lot and followed him everywhere,” he paid close attention to the dream and remembered all the important details.

I was lying here. My grandfather always wore sunglasses, and he was standing there wearing sunglasses.

I saw him and said, ‘Grandpa.’ Then, I woke up.


S.COUPS then told his grandmother about the dream. She warned him to “be careful,” which he took seriously by keeping his head for “that day and the next day.

That caution proved important when S.COUPS said, “Then two days later, I got into this accident. I was hit by a car and tossed far away.

Although getting hit by a car can cause major injuries—including death—S.COUPS had been extremely fortunate.

After being hit by the car, I was tossed far away. I was transferred to a hospital and doctors found I was okay. The car driver got severely injured, but I was unscathed.


The car accident didn’t leave a scratch on him. S.COUPS confirmed, “No injury; no wound.” Highlighting the importance of the dream, DK concluded, “Your grandfather protected you.

Whether it was the supernatural or pure coincidence, S.COUPS definitely had someone looking out for him that day.

Source: Naver Live