Dreamcatcher’s SuA Gushes Over ATEEZ’s Skills After Attending Their First Korean Concert

She’s as big of a fangirl as any ATINY!

Dreamcatcher member SuA has only praise to speak of up and coming rookie group ATEEZ!

The 8-member boy group held their first Korean concert this past weekend at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, and the Dreamcatcher members were all in attendance.  On the evening of February 9, SuA hosted a live online broadcast and brought up the event – which she only had wonderful things to say about!

Their performances were really amazing, and they were very cool. Their songs are really good, and their music is exactly my style. [The concert] was really great.

— SuA

ATEEZ finished up their two concerts in Seoul over the weekend and are preparing for their world tour “The Fellowship: Map the Treasure” in the spring! Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher is nearing their comeback on February 18 with their first studio album Dystopia: The Tree of Language, which they have been teasing at on their official Instagram.