Dreamcatcher Fans Hope The Group Will Provide OST Song For “King’s Raid” Anime

Dreamcatcher previously did a collaboration with the mobile game.

King’s Raid, as most fans know, is a mobile game that did a collaboration with Dreamcatcher last year with their mini-album Raid of Dream.

The moving illustration video that was released for the song was breathtaking and visually stunning.

The moving illustration MV was an incredible representation of what it would be like if Dreamcatcher provided a song for an anime OST, something group member Siyeon said was one of her future goals for the group in the future.

With the announcement that King’s Raid will be developed into an anime and broadcast in Japan in Autumn 2020, fans are hoping that Dreamcatcher will be considered for the OST!

Insomnia have been sharing their hopes for the collaboration on Twitter… And, we sure hope their voices are heard because Dreamcatcher has the perfect vocal, visuals, and feel for the Japanese market!

Source: narwhalblast1/Twitter
Source: softyooh/Twitter