Dreamcatcher Got A New Manager For A Day — And They Put Him To The Test

They made him work hard!

In a “day in the life” video that YouTube Seonozzi is known for, he switched places with Dreamcatcher‘s manager for the day–but the girls were determined to make sure he was worthy!

Seonozzi with Dreamcatcher. | @seonozzi/Instagram

Seonozzi (also known by his full name, Jung Seonho) met up with Dreamcatcher’s actual manager in the morning while the girls were at the salon, and was briefed on everything they had to do that day.

Even though it was daunting, he came prepared: he did his research about the girls, even finding out their favorite drinks, and matched their “Odd Eye” contact lens look!

When he picked them up after their salon appointment and introduced himself, he gave them all their favorite drinks once they had settled into their van. They were so surprised and impressed that he got them all right!

Sua was then a little suspicious: “I’ve been wondering, aren’t you the youtuber Seonozzi?”

Even JiU agreed, saying that their voices sounded similar, but he quickly dismissed it: “I hear that a lot. I enjoy watching him too.”

However, even though it started well, he ended up running into trouble pretty soon when he couldn’t get the door to their company building open. Sua had to do it for him after expressing her concerns: “I’m very worried, he can’t even open the door right now!”

When they finally got to their practice room and ran through a few takes of “Odd Eye,” the girls decided to prank him: they got Gahyeon to act like she wasn’t feeling well, and told him that they needed him to replace her.

He was confused, asking whether managers usually substitute for the members, but when they kept insisting he joined in and diligently learned the dance.

He did his best to keep up with the girls!

Dami and Gahyeon gave him their approval: “He can debut right away!”

However, JiU was still a bit suspicious: “We still need to keep an eye on him, but he did look like he was doing his best.”

Later on, he put together an entire surprise birthday party for Handong!

If he hadn’t won them over before, he definitely did then, with food, balloons and Handong’s favorite convenience store sausages.

While they were eating, he asked them what they thought about him as a manager. They all eagerly agreed that he did a great job and that his effort to match the group’s aesthetic was especially appreciated!

Afterwards, Seonozzi brought up the topic of in-person fan-signings and the girls said that they’ll probably cry tears of joy when they get to meet their fans in-person again. So, to lift their spirits, he pretended to be a fan and did a mock fan-signing with them!

While he had lines prepared for all the girls (“Noona why is your face a pain? The cham’pain’ that makes me drunk.”), nothing could have prepared him for Handong beating him to the punch!

“Your face looks tired,” she said, before cheekily adding on, “Because you’ve been running in my heart all day.”

He was so flustered!

Overall, though, the girls loved having him as their manager and didn’t want him to go when the day ended.

Hopefully their current manager won’t feel too bad that they seem to prefer Seonozzi!

You can watch Seonozzi manage Dreamcatcher for the day in the video below.

Source: YouTube