This Girl Group Said No To Dancing In Heels, Fans Love The Energy

If the heels don’t work, toss them aside.

While performing the song “Chase Me” on The Show, Dreamcatcher members decided the high heels they wore on stage weren’t quite working with their choreography…

So the girls began taking off their shoes to dance barefoot on the stage – and the camera captured the members getting rid of their heels.

From carefully putting them aside…

To wildly flinging them off, Dreamcatcher really didn’t want to do their intense choreography in these heels!

Fans especially loved when the members rushed over to their abandoned heels and collected them before leaving the stage!

Upon releasing this clip, SBS PLUS channel noted,

“For those who are confused, for all music shows, there are two types of performances: pre-recorded and live. When it’s time for the pre-recorded performances to go out on TV and mobile, in studio, staff play the song and the artists perform the choreo unless they have a different schedule. Dreamcatcher were scheduled to perform “Daydream” live shortly after the prerecorded performance of “Chase Me” went out, which is probably why they were already dressed up in their outfits for that performance. Despite the fact that those outfits consisted of heels, they danced their hearts out and completely slayed the intense choreography. We usually don’t upload these performances, but we loved the passion that the group exhibited and the love that they were giving to Insomnias and so we wanted to share it with everyone.”


Watch the passionate, barefooted performance here:

Source: Instiz
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