DREAMCATCHER Shares Their Foreign Language Skills

Have you ever wanted to hear them speak in Finnish or Polish?

DREAMCATCHER will be heading to London, Milan, Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Amsterdam, and Helsinki during their second European tour. In celebration of that, the girls have their foreign language skills tested as part of a game where each member picked a flag at random and had to say a greeting, do tongue-twister, or sing a traditional song in the language of that country.

Gahyeon got the UK flag, representing their stop in London. She was joined by the group members in singing “London Bridge Is Falling Down”, a traditional English nursery rhyme first published in 1744.

JiU received the flag of Italy during the random pull, so she chose to introduce herself in Italian. Italian InSomnias can look forward to seeing the group during their stop in Milan.

Because she got the flag of Germany, Handong did a zungenbrecher (tongue twister). Can fans in Berlin expect a live do-over of this fun moment?

Siyeon proudly held the flag of Poland as she declared in Polish, “What’s up, Warsaw!”

Dami shared her French abilities with a tongue twister that left the other girls impressed as they let out a loud “oooh”! Surely, if she did this in Paris fans would do the same!

The capital of the Netherlands, one of DREAMCATCHER’s tour stops is in Amsterdam. Sua was joined by her group members in singing the nursery rhyme “Sarasponda”.

In comments on the video, Dutch fans observed that they had never heard the song before. Apparently, it’s origins have yet to be verified, although folklore states that Dutch mothers used to teach this song to their daughters with the aim of helping them find a good husband. The earliest printed version of the song is from an American song collection printed in the 1940s.

Having pulled Finland’s flag, Yoohyeon greets Helsinki fans in Finnish as she enthusiastically introduces herself.

DREAMCATCHER shares that they are looking forward to their upcoming European tour this October and November.

Are you a European InSomnia? Will you be seeing them live in concert on any of the tour dates?

Watch the full video below: