Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon Was Touched By ITZY’s Kindness During Rehearsals

She appreciated the thoughtful way their juniors treated them.

In one of Dreamcatcher‘s recent live broadcasts, Dami and Yoohyeon caught up with fans after finishing their schedules for the day.

While Yoohyeon informed fans that she hadn’t been able to meet Rocket Punch‘s Yeonhee, she revealed a sweet encounter with their other juniors ITZY.

As Dami and Yoohyeon read the comments submitted by fans, one caught the attention of them both. It sparked Yoohyeon to remember a moment that she’d greatly appreciated, “Ah, today… I’m really, really thankful.

Dami was just as interested in finding out the source and asked, “Who?” Yoohyeon mentioned a rehearsal for their current title track “BOCA” where ITZY had been waiting to take the stage next, “We did rehearsal, and the next one was ITZY.

Since current performances don’t have much of a live audience, due to social distancing, ITZY’s small act after Dreamcatcher’s stage had touched Yoohyeon. “After we finished, they clapped for us. ‘Whoo!’ Like this.

Yoohyeon was so appreciative of the small but meaningful gesture that she cutely said, “Thank you,” followed by a playful dance to express her thanks.

With it being hard on both idols and fans for not being able to connect in-person, ITZY’s cheers were exactly what Dreamcatcher needed. See Yoohyeon reveal the sweet gesture of their juniors, starting at 6:50.