This Surreal Drone Footage of BTS’s Rose Bowl Stadium Concert Proves Just How Loved They Are

This drone footage portrays ARMY love in a different way.

BTS recently began their tour in LA at the Rose Bowl Stadium which unsurprisingly sold out as soon as the tickets went on sale.

Soon after the concert began, fans naturally started sharing photos and videos of the spectacular concert for everyone else to enjoy, one of which is drone footage that captured the incredible sight from above.

As the night grew dark, the lights within the stadium created a surreal picture that portrayed the number of ARMYs that attended to support BTS that evening.

While the photos and videos from inside the stadium were jaw-dropping since they were of BTS, this drone footage gives viewers a different sight that shows just how much BTS is loved by their fans.

The lights from the fans’ light sticks created a beautiful array of colors as BTS performed their hit songs for all those who came to see them.

Check out the full drone footage below:


Source: Insight