Drunk Driver Tries to Escape Breathalyzer by Eating Grass, Fails Miserably

Many people have their own way of sobering up, but one man from the Zhejiang Province of China had his own very desperate method of sobering up, which was apparently by eating grass.

After being stopped on Monday night, the man left his Mercedes car and immediately ran away, which is when the police officers noticed a very strong alcoholic smell.

After asking him to take a breath test, the man immediately and repeatedly denies that he’s been drinking or even driving his car, then proceeded to eat as much grass as possible.

The police assume that he must have been attempting to balance his blood alcohol level, but failed miserably. After forcibly been taken to a hospital for a blood test, he reportedly failed the test with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.56, close to double the legal limit.

His attempt has lead this event to go viral, with many people online making jokes, including someone stating that his zodiac sign must be the cow.

Although offenders often receive about a 5-year ban from driving, police are still investigating the case.

Watch the video of the driver below!


Source: The Daily Mail and South China Morning Post.