A Drunk Man Told MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul To Do This Which Made The Whole Group Reflect On What Being An Idol Is Really Like

“Before we are celebrities, we are humans.”

MAMAMOO is known for their talented vocals, powerful personalities and hyperactive tendencies, but did you know that the group experienced an unpleasant encounter due to their friendly public image?

The members recently had a heart-to-heart talk on camera and initially, they reminisced about the good times they had when they were trainees.

Moonbyul was pleasantly surprised at how laid-back and carefree they were.

MAMAMOO even missed how they didn’t have a lot of worries back then. At that time, they just ate and went home whenever they wanted.

Moonbyul then told her members that she thinks people tend to approach them lightly because they started off as a group with a friendly public image.

She recalled one moment when MAMAMOO members were eating and having fun in Jeju — a drunk man approached them and told Moonbyul to do this:


A drunk man came up to us and told me to ‘live properly’.

– Moonbyul

It turns out that all the members were affected by this surprising encounter. Moonbyul got upset that she really reflected on the impact of a stranger’s words.

And Wheein couldn’t sleep when she heard that statement coming from a random stranger.

She even started to tear up because she felt upset that people can treat them however they want just because they’re celebrities.

In a true leader fashion, Solar swooped in and gave a sisterly advice to Wheein.

Accepting it, and then finding ways to overcome it is the important part.

– Solar 

Moonbyul was thankful that she wasn’t a soloist because she couldn’t endure unpleasant situations like the one that happened.

The members gracefully put an end to their conversation by expressing their gratitude for each other.

At the end of the day, MAMAMOO is thankful that they can rely on each other — just like a real family.