Drunken Tiger JK Thanks BTS And A.R.M.Y For Helping Him In Times Of Trouble

Tiger JK showed his appreciation for BTS’s support and A.R.M.Y showed their appreciation for Tiger JK’s support of BTS.

Tiger JK has posted a series of tweets thanking BTS and their fans for their support during a difficult time in his career.


BTS posted a tweet of Drunken Tiger’s new song on their official Twitter account just hours after its release!


Tiger JK had released the music video for his new song “YET” just 2 hours prior to BTS’s tweet, and the video earned high view counts thanks to the extra awareness.

“This song belongs to you guys. #TigerBomb” — Tiger JK


Tiger JK then responded to BTS and their fans in a series of tweets that thanked them over and over again.


Fans have been supportive of Tiger JK’s new song and have shown empathy towards his unfortunate situation.


Tiger JK had revealed on a radio broadcast that he and his wife Tasha were scammed out of a lot of money by his own company.

Tiger JK and Tasha Were Scammed By Their Own Employees For Years, Made No Money


In reference to the rapper’s comment on “being afraid to be linked with his name”, fans have indicated that it could be related to the drug case he was involved in.


In 1999, Tiger JK was arrested for use of methamphetamine in Korea due to false testimony from the members of Uptown, who were also arrested on drug charges.

Although he was later proved innocent, he had admitted using drugs in the past outside of Korea. He ended up serving a month and a half in jail and was sentenced to two years probation during which he was not allowed to perform.


In addition, he had also courageously spoken up on various issues.


Since BTS’s post, BTS fans have not only been showing their support for Tiger JK but have also been thanking him in return for supporting BTS and RM in particular.


Here’s to greater success for both Tiger JK and BTS!