DSP Entertainment Reveals the Identity of K.A.R.D’s Hidden Member

DSP Entertainment‘s latest announcement about the upcoming group, K.A.R.D, will be music to the ears of KARA fans.

On December 8th, DSP Entertainment made an announcement on K.A.R.D’s official Twitter that Heo Youngji is the hidden member of the new mixed-gender group.

Other members of the group include BM, J.Seph, Jeon Somin, and Jeon Jiwoo. 

DSP Entertainment has also informed the public that K.A.R.D will be a part of a 3 album project. Every time an album is released, a new member is planned to be revealed. They also stated that K.A.R.D’s music and performances will be far different than what the crowd expects.

Heo Youngji plans to be a part of the first album that is being released on the 13th at 12:00AM KST called OHNANA. Since it’s Youngji’s first comeback since KARA’s Cupid album was released, expectations are at their peak!

K.A.R.D also plans to introduce new concepts of the group through various offline-performance-based activities in order to become closer to their fans until their official debut!

Check out K.A.R.D’s official announcement below!