Dynamic Duo Gaeko’s Wife Has Visuals So Stunning She Is More Famous Than A Celebrity

“She’s not a model?”

Dynamic Duo Gaeko‘s wife, Kim Soo Mi, may not be a celebrity but she’s just as famous as any celeb out there!


Kim Soo Mi and Gaeko married in 2011 and have been happily married ever since. The two even have two adorable kids together, but it’s not the couple’s sweet family or her famous husband that has made everyone fall for her!


She’s gained a lot of attention over the years for her flawless visuals that leave netizens speechless.


Because of that, she’s become so famous that even Gaeko has claimed that she’s more famous than him!


While his claim might have been a joke to make his wife laugh, she actually is incredibly famous!


In fact, she’s become quite the social media star with over 376,000 followers on Instagram.


Even surpassing her husbands 335,000 followers!


Netizens have been praising her looks since they first caught sight of her and haven’t been able to stop gushing since.

  • “She’s gorgeous for real.”

  • “I thought, ‘What? Will she even be that pretty?’ but it turns out that she’s totally beautiful!”

  • “She’s honestly super pretty.”

  • “WTF!! She’s not a model??? She’s so stylish and pretty!”


And even when she’s been spotted hanging out with some of her famous celeb friends, everyone is still struck by how gorgeous she is!

  • “Can’t believe the wife is like 37 years old! She looks late twenties at most.”

  • “Visually the same age as Sulli? I thought the journalist was lying but the wife really does look young.”

  • “She’s so beautiful!”


No wonder Gaeko has introduced her as his “muse” before!