Here’s How You Can Easily Tell Apart BTS’s Hyung-Line Vs. Dongsaeng-Line

The characteristics are quite clear.

BTS members, though all extremely close to each other, can often be broken down to two groups – the older ones and the younger ones. The “Hyung Line”, consisting of BTS’s older members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and RM, has certain traits that the “Dongsaeng Line” with the younger members Jimin, V, and Jungkook doesn’t – and vice versa. Here’s how you can easily spot the differences though!


First, and the easiest way to tell these two lines apart, is the amount of showing vs. telling involved. The hyung line will most likely have a lot more audio happening. They’re easily heard talking to themselves, among themselves, and over themselves.


As to, the dongsaeng line will tell by doing. Their actions speak louder than their words! The younger members are likely to remain quieter, but be seen trying, doing, and having a blast!


Give it a try! See if you can identify the differences:


Another big noticeable difference would be in the level of energy – or the vibe that they give off in the way they carry themselves. The hyung line members, while they have their thrills too, are usually more composed, calm, and tied down to the ground. They are more mellow, do not worked up easily, and know how to keep their cool.


On the other hand, the dongsaeng line have explosive youngster power. They are constantly up and running, dancing, spinning, clapping, biting, and whatever else possibly imaginable…


With that said, you should be able to spot the differences now:


Lastly, the hyung line will always be that much more mature. They’re the older brothers – so they’re watching over the dongsaeng line. They are taking care of their younger members – crushing their fears, drying their tears, and simply being the best support system ever!


The dongsaeng line, in return, will forever make the hyungs UWU. They’re jam packed with aegyo, bursting out whenever the hyungs want it or need it. The younger brothers know exactly how to be their older brothers’ best pick-me-ups. V, Jimin, and Jungkook are like the hyung line’s vitamins, their power sources, their mood boosters.


While so different, these opposite factors draw BTS members closer together and make them entirely inseparable. The hyung line wouldn’t survive without the dongsaeng line and the dongsaeng line wouldn’t last a day without their hyungs! And for that ARMYs are grateful.

Source: THEQOO