Eddie Nam Shares What It Was Like Seeing BLACKPINK Perform At Coachella

Eddie Nam had quite the reaction.

During a recent episode of DIVE Studios‘ KPDB show, Eddie Nam spoke a bit on what it was like seeing BLACKPINK perform at Coachella.

Eddie Nam shared how surprised he was by BLACKPINK’s performance, as BLACKPINK had never done a global stage like that before, but their performance made it seem as if they had done it multiple times before.

Up until that point, they hadn’t done a massive global stage like that, and let me tell ya, from beginning to end, they just smashed it. They acted like they’ve been there before.

— Eddie Nam

Eddie Nam was also proud of the fact that people of different backgrounds were just cheering for BLACKPINK.

It was a really proud moment, looking around, a sea of like White people, Black people, Latino people, and Asian people, and everyone just cheering.

— Eddie Nam

The fact that so many people who probably weren’t too familiar with K-Pop were cheering so excitedly for BLACKPINK had Eddie Nam amazed.

This is objectively speaking. A lot of them probably never even seen this before. Their heads were about to explode if not had exploded in the best way possible.

— Eddie Nam

Here’s the full video below!