Eddy Kim’s Guest Appearance on Jung Joon Young’s “We Got Married” Resurfaces Amid His Scandal

Jung Joon Young revealed that he introduced Eddy Kim to a nurse and a stewardess.

MBC’s Newsdesk recently revealed a list of celebrities who were in Jung Joon Young‘s chatroom which included Seungri, Roy Kim, Lee Jong Hyun, Yong Jun Hyung, Choi Jong Hoon, Kang In, Jung Jin Woon, Lee Chul Woo, and Eddy Kim.

Amongst them, Eddy Kim was investigated as a suspect after being booked on charges of circulating pornography.

In light of his recent scandal, his guest appearance on Jung Joon Young’s We Got Married back in 2014 resurfaced due to the conversation they shared about women.

On the show, Eddy Kim told Jung Joon Young’s pretend wife, Jung Yu Mi that he would tell her everything she wanted to know about Jung Joon Young. And when Jung Yu Mi confessed that Jung Joon Young’s fortune had a lot of women in it, Eddy Kim said, “Which fortune teller did you go to? That’s scarily accurate.

Jung Joon Young responded to Eddy Kim’s sudden remark with, “Hey, I introduced you to a nurse and a stewardess.” When the others asked if he was for real, Jung Joon Young added, “The part about the nurse is true.

This footage is receiving particular attention following the reports that a body shot of a stewardess was shared in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom back in 2016.

Regarding the reports of Eddy Kim’s involvement, he stated, “It’s true that I was in the chatroom, but I didn’t film or share any illegal videos.

Source: Insight

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