The Original Title of Eddy Kim’s Hit Song, “The Manual” Was Actually “How to Use Women”

Yoon Jong Shin advised him to tone down the title of his debut song.

In the midst of police investigations surrounding Eddy Kim‘s involvement in Jung Joon Young‘s chatroom, a past remark that he made regarding his hit song, “The Manual” has resurfaced in online communities.

In a past interview, Eddy Kim revealed that the original title of “The Manual” was actually “How to Use Women”.

In the said interview, he admitted, “I proposed the song to the CEO of my agency, Yoon Jong Shin, but he talked me out of it saying that if I debuted with a song titled like that, I’d become known as a rated R artist.

During the interview, Eddy Kim was also asked, “What is the meaning of women to you?“, to which he replied, “The driving force of my songwriting.

As a result of Yoon Jong Shin’s advice, the title of his song was toned down, but it didn’t stop him from getting involved in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom.

Following the reports of his involvement, Eddy Kim turned his social media accounts to private and aside from his agency’s announcement, he has yet to make an apology regarding his scandal.

Source: Insight