This Deepfake Technology Edit Of TWICE’s Tzuyu In K-Drama “Start Up” Look So Real!

Tzuyu looks amazing as an actress!

The K-Drama “Start-Up,” starring former Miss A member Suzy and Nam Joo hyuk, has been well received for its amazing storyline and acting. Overall, the drama has been getting a lot of attention.

The drama has also been gaining a  lot of attention for another reason as well. A YouTube account, Squaredotfx, used Deepfake technology to edit in TWICE member’s Tzuyu’s face onto the original actress Kang Ha Na.

It really does look like Tzuyu starred in the drama and fans are impressed. This edit prompted fans to only hope that one-day Tzuyu will be in a K-Drama as she looks amazing in the clip. Fans claimed that if Tzuyu ever decides to act, they will fully support her.

Here are some of the comments on the video:

Check out the clip below: