Elderly Woman Curses Out Jun Hyun Moo For Being Unmarried At 42 Years Old

“How can you curse at me when you don’t even know my name?”

On an episode of KBS’s The Boss Has Donkey Ears, Jun Hyun Moo got unexpectedly cursed at by 80-year-old food researcher, Shim Young Soon.

In the middle of getting to know each other, Shim Young Soon confessed that she had never heard of Jun Hyun Moo which caused a stir of laughter.

Kim Sook then explained, “Jun Hyun Moo isn’t married yet” and requested that she help him out with some matchmaking.

In response, Shim Young Soon exclaimed, “Why do you care about big eyes, pretty faces, and curvy figures?

When Jun Hyun Moo expressed that he wasn’t like that, Shim Young Soon continued, “What’s the point of making a lot of money? You dumb son of a gun!

Jun Hyun Moo was surprised by this and defended himself by asking, “‘Dumb son of a gun?’ How can you curse at me when you don’t even know my name?

Regarding her shocking words, viewers expressed various opinions on the matter such as “It’s not like getting married is a duty. Why did she curse at someone she doesn’t even know?” and “It sounds like she just wanted him to meet someone nice, but maybe she went a little overboard.

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