The Elders Of Korea Agree That BTS Has A Positive Impact On The Younger Generation

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According to a survey conducted by Embrain Trend Monitor, the majority of the elders of South Korea believe that BTS has a positive impact on the youth.

The survey conducted a research with over 1,000 people aged between 16-64. 64,2% of respondents agree that BTS has a positive influence on the youth, with 78.3% of people in their 60s agreeing.

77.4% also agreed that BTS is a positive influence, 70% in their 40s agree, 64.5% in their 30s, 50.5% is their 20s and 38.2% from teenagers.

The biggest reason (57.5%) as to why they believe BTS is a positive influence is because of their hardwork and efforts to strive for success. Performance is the second reason at 47.3% and music skills ranked third at 37.2%. The fourth biggest reason is due to their humbleness despite how popular they are at 33.9% and the fifth reason is because due to their good behaviour, they have raised the idol standard (31.0%).

For those who like to listen BTS’s music, many agree that the biggest reason is because their music is extremely addictive (44.7%). The second reasion (tied) is because their music has the ability to comfort the youth and is the spirit of the era (25.0%). Some have also said they like their music for the meaningful message (23.0%)

People being aware of BTS’s official fan club “ARMY” was also high. 7 out of 10 respondents say they know what ARMY is (71.8%), with 32.1% saying that they didn’t know the name but knew they had lots of fans.

Source: Naver