Elementary school kids don’t recognize Jaejoong, ask if he’s an online streamer

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong felt humiliated after a group of elementary school kids in his own hometown failed to recognize who he was. 

Jaejoong recently visited his hometown in Chungcheong and broadcast his trip live online. The visit was part of his appointment as the honorary ambassador of the Gongju and Baekje Culture Festival.

Jaejoong also included his alma mater in his visit and met a group of elementary school kids along the way. He approached the students and greeted them enthusiastically: “Hello. Who do you think I am? I’m your senior,” he asked. 

The students had no idea who Jaejoong was!

The students, however, failed to recognize him and called out various things from“I do not know,” to “Who are you?” to “A BJ?” and “Are you a Youtuber?” 

If they only knew whom they were talking to!

Jaejoong replied, “I’m Kim Jaejoong. A singer.”

The students immediately looked for his profile online and then promptly asked for his signature once they knew who he was.

When the children asked for his photo, Jaejoong jokingly replied, “You don’t even know who I am” but gamely posed for one with them anyway.

Jaejoong handled the situation like a professional.

Catch the full episode of Jaejoong in his hometown below:

Source: Dispatch