ELFs furious at SM for overworking Lee Teuk during their alleged “vacation”

ELFs are furious at SM Entertainment for overworking Leeteuk during the company vacation.

Recently, Leeteuk of Super Junior has been physically suffering from overworking many different schedules. It’s been said that he currently has a case of gastric ulcer, acid reflux, an unhealthy lung, and overworked vocal cords.

He flew with SM employees to Hawaii on their annual company vacation, expecting to take five days of well-deserved rest. However for three consecutive days, he was forced to serve as the MC for the company events, and claims to have missed out on truly enjoying Hawaii. He claimed on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio that he walked out of the hotel by himself around 2-3am to get a mere glimpse of the paradise as it was his first time there.

After overusing his vocal cords in Hawaii, he flew right away to Shanghai for his solo fan meeting. He managed to complete his entire schedule which consisted of interviewing and singing.

Upon returning to Korea, he had no time to rest in order to pull off the following commitments:

StarShow 360, I Can See Your Voice 2, Please Take Care of My Vanity 2, Sukira, Birth of a Song, solo fan meeting Asian tour, additional K-Pop event MCing, a Chuseok event MCing, and more.


Source: Instiz