ELHAE Updates Fans On MONSTA X’s I.M And Teases Another Collab

Monbebes wanted to know how I.M was doing, so ELHAE delivered.

ELHAE is a musician that MONSTA X‘s I.M not only respects but views as a friend. Because of this, fans went to him to find out just how well I.M had been coping with everything that’s happened.


To let Monbebes know that I.M was doing fine, he uploaded text messages the two had recently exchanged with one another.

It started with I.M’s response to what seems to be a question of how he’d been dealing with the situation surrounding Wonho‘s departure from the group. He stated that he was slowly working through it.

But, I’m getting better. Hah.

As a friend, ELHAE voiced concern for him and let him know that he’d be a shoulder to lean on.

Yeah, I can imagine. Well, you know I’m here to listen if you ever wanna get sh*t off your chest. Haha.

I.M reciprocated the sentiment and asked about an “elbum.” That’s when ELHAE asked if I.M was still going to “throw a verse on something,” signaling another collaboration between them.

Although some viewed the sharing of the messages as a way to gain attention, many Monbebes saw it as a way for ELHAE to reassure fans about how well I.M was coping with everything. Check out the full text messages between the two here.