This Is What An Elite Korean High School Serves Students For Lunch

Most school lunch programs tend to serve easy-to-make, often processed foods like pizza and chicken fingers, but this school in Korea is school lunches to the next level!

Se In High School, located in Ulsan, South Korea, made the ultimate decision to serve lobsters for lunch to all of their students.

Source: Se In Highschool

Eating lobster is considered luxurious by any standards, but especially so in Korea, as one lobster dish in a restaurant could cost more than 100,000 KRW ($100).

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

In spite of the high price of lobster, the school and its culinary team wanted to show appreciation for the students and sourced the most affordable lobster they could find.

“Our students are going through a rough period of time here.

The school needs to be relocated as they are surrounded by an industrial area and not ideal for an educational environment.

Nevertheless, I am so proud of our students for working so hard, so this is something we could show as an appreciation.”

— Se In High School Principal

Naturally, the students were shocked but really appreciated the gesture by their school.

“I never thought we would get one lobster per person for lunch. This was unprecedented and I am very happy!”

— Se In High School Student

Source: Se In Highschool

Bet you wish you went to Se In High School!

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