Ellen Degeneres Asks BTS If They Ever Hooked Up With A Fan, they answer

BTS appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show and the fans were in for a treat like never before!

During their interview, Ellen threw the boys a sudden curve ball by asking if they ever dated a fan!

Ellen: “Have you ever gotten together…hooked up with any of the ARMY?”

Interpreter: “Have you ever met with your fans on a personal level?”

And RM had the suavest answer that won the hearts of all his fans.

“We are doing it right now!”

— RM

But unlike other reporters, Ellen never took no for an answer!

“You know what I mean.

Have you all ever dated one of your A.R.M.Y?”

— Ellen Degeneres

And it was forced upon V to take the last stand and respond firmly to everyone’s laughter!

“Not. Not… No!”

— V

This wasn’t the first time BTS were asked about their dating status while in the States.

“I’ve seen it happen, how do you deal with the girls?”

— Access Hollywood Reporter

All of the members stood shocked by the unexpected question.

“What are we supposed to say?”

— Suga

And Jin broke the ice by revealing his thoughts.

Jin: “I don’t have think.”

RM: “He doesn’t have any thoughts, he said.”

RM took the reigns to clarify their dating status.

“We don’t actually have any time for that.

You see, we’re at different countries for like half a year.

It’s very hard, but we’ll see!”

— RM

During an interview with ET, they were also asked if they had girlfriends.

“Guys, looking so handsome!

You guys all together, but you didn’t bring your girlfriends?”

— ET Interviewer

And RM joked that they welcomed the help.

“Please make one!”

— RM

But he clarified that he doesn’t need a girlfriend when he has his A.R.M.Y.

“No, we got A.R.M.Ys.

We got like thousands of girlfriends today here.

So we don’t worry. No need to worry.”

 — RM

There you have it, folks! BTS is currently too busy to be single and feels no need as they receive overflowing love from their fans!

You can watch the full segments about their dating lives below!