Ellie Lee Called Herself Stray Kids’ “Old” Noona And They Reacted Like This

Fans are loving this moment between Stray Kids and iHeartRadio’s Ellie Lee.

Ellie Lee-noona? STAYs are all for it!


Ever since her legendary interview with EXOiHeartRadio‘s Ellie Lee has become a favorite with K-Pop fans. Her energetic personality and chill vibe make her guests feel at ease, and she give fans plenty of funny moments too.


Ellie Lee recently sat down with Stray Kids to talk about their US tour, “Miroh”, and more. After talking about how the members support each other like brothers, she said, “Maybe I could be all your noona”. “Noona” is what Korean boys/men call their older sisters and older female friends. The members’ reactions ranged from all smiles…


…to surprise…


…to no reaction whatsoever.


Ellie Lee followed up her noona comment by saying, “Great, I’m old”, making everybody burst out laughing.


Well, almost everyone!


Check out the rest of the interview here:

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