Emma Stone Claims She’ll Be Camping out to See BTS While Wearing a Pink BTS T-Shirt

She’s absolutely adorable.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live just aired a preview for their next broadcast, and it’s causing quite the anticipation in BTS fans as well as Emma Stone fans.

The preview shows Emma Stone wearing a pink BTS t-shirt in a setting that appears to be a sleepover.

She then revealed the purpose of their sleepover by excitedly saying, “We’re camping out on this stage until BTS gets here.

Her fellow cast, Beck then reminded everyone that Emma Stone will be the host during BTS’s appearance by replying, “I don’t know if you have time for this. You’re hosting the show.

In response, Emma Stone clapped back with, “Whatever, Beck. You host.

Saturday Night Live recently revealed that BTS and Emma Stone would be appearing on the show on April 13 by posting a schedule on their official Twitter account.

The anticipation was already high since the initial revelation, but with a preview of Emma Stone camping out added on top, April 13th can’t come any sooner!

Source: Dispatch