An Employee Recalls How Shocked They Were After Seeing BTS’s V In Person

BTS’s V is truly the king of visuals.

An employee who worked at the VR (virtual reality) game center during the filming for Run BTS! posted their experience seeing BTS‘s V in person through a message online. This message also appeared on the BTS Weverse app and received much attention from fans.

The employees’ message had fans even more curious to see V in person.

The post read:

The video wasn’t able to catch all of V’s beauty. I’ve never in my entire life seen someone’s nose that high. His nose was as tall and high as Mt. Everest. Someone could climb up that nose and feel hypothermia and asphyxia and possibly die. How can someone be that good-looking? It’s not enough to just call him good-looking. It’s as if they brought together the worlds’ best sculptors in one place and told them to make the most good-looking face in the world and that they couldn’t leave until they did. It’s like the sculptors sold their souls to Lucifer in order to create the face of V.

Fans who read the post couldn’t imagine just how handsome V would be in-person considering how amazing he looks in photos and videos.

But then again, we can understand the employee’s emotions because I mean…just look at him!

Watch the full episode below!

Visual king Kim Taehyung!