Ending Fairy NCT’s Johnny Went Viral From Similarity To A Popular Meme

Johnny is doing more than serve looks with his long hair 😂

Ever since NCT‘s Johnny has been wearing his hair long and blond, everyone’s been swerving into his lane from the new look. Funnily enough, he’s recently gone viral for it as well.

For NCT U‘s “Work It” stage on SBS‘s Inkigayo, Johnny served as one of the ending fairies along with Jungwoo.

Since one of his hairs became separated from the rest, he took the strand and tucked it behind his ear with a sweet smile. That was all it took.

As soon as NCTzens saw the moment, they were quickly reminded of the popular meme that originated from Debby Ryan‘s iconic scene from the 2012 Disney movie Radio Rebel.

So many fans agreed with the similarity that Debby Ryan’s name ended up trending on Twitter with posts of Johnny.

They even edited both of the moments from Johnny and Debby Ryan together for an effect that was twice as entertaining. That wasn’t the only time Johnny gave off the vibe from the meme, though.

During a talk segment of the show, where Jaemin named Johnny’s hairstyle as one of the key points, the shy way Johnny tried to tuck away his hair was fully in line with the Debby Ryan meme.

No matter what he does, Johnny is the gift that keeps on giving. See the ending fairy moment that brought joy for fans here.