This Ending Pose In ‘Produce 101 Japan’ Is Making People Cringe

It’s definitely unique!

Trainees in Produce 101 can easily gain attention from fans with their ending pose in performances. Some examples include:

Park Jihoon

Jung Chaeyeon

Miyawaki Sakura

For the first performance in Produce 101 Japan entitled “TSUKAME~It’s Coming~”, netizens zeroed in on one trainee’s ending pose. The trainee’s name is Takeru Gutierez, a Filipino-Japanese contestant. In the song, Takeru is seen doing multiple different expressions and poses in one go.

Netizens were vocal in expressing their confusion.

Can he just settle for one thing? Just one thing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen

No but why is he like that seriously, seriously why is he like that?

– Korean Netizen

Others, however, expressed their support for this trainee.

Lol it’s really addicting. I keep playing his part again and again.

– Korean Netizen

Wow, it’s amazing how he was able to do everything in one shot like that.

– Korean Netizen

What do you think of his ending pose?

Source: Nate