ENGENEs Are Wild for ENHYPEN’s Jake’s Visuals As They Kick Off “Manifesto” World Tour in Seoul

HIs princely visuals were driving ENGENEs insane.

The long wait is over for ENHYPEN‘s world tour Manifesto. Fans are going wild over the boys for their fired-up performances and flawless visuals.

ENGENEs are in a frenzy in particular for Jake, who, like the rest of the group, is at his element, performing at his best, leaving fans hot and bothered.

ENGENEs can’t get enough of Jake’s visuals and are raving over his fine features. Switching to dark hair also defines his features better.

Of course, there will always be thirst tweets. Concerts are never complete without them.


Fans are also all praises over ENHYPEN’s impressive live performances. Their stage presence is remarkable.

ENHYPEN will be performing for two nights in Seoul, after which they will be touring the U.S. in October and Japan in November.