ENGENEs Can’t Get Over ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon In A Sleeveless Top, And We Can’t Either

“The P in Park Sunghoon stands for pull-up bar.”

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon has been praised for his breathtaking visuals even before debut. With his long legs and perfect face, there isn’t any look he can’t pull off.

| DAZED Korea

However, one of Sunghoon’s outfits has recently gone viral for being one step above the rest. During [EN-CORE] ‘BORDER : CARNIVAL’ MUSIC SHOW BEHIND EP.5 he wore a black sleeveless shirt that showed off his muscular arms, and ENGENEs are officially freaking out.

Even while doing something as simple as drawing a picture of fellow member Sunoo, it’s hard not to be distracted by his excellent physique.

This isn’t the first time Sunghoon has turned heads with his biceps. A particularly popular pre-debut clip from the survival program I-LAND shows him, Jake, and Jay comparing their arms in the practice room mirror – all of which look quite impressive!

Fans can’t believe how much progress Sunghoon has made over the past year, expressing their gratitude for the existence of pull-up bars.

What do you think of Sunghoon’s sleeveless look?