English Or Korean: Eric Nam Settles The Question Of What Comes More Naturally To Him

He writes all of his songs in this language.

Eric Nam is known for being a talented bilingual singer who is fluent in both Korean and English. Knowing how he is so capable at both, it’s interesting to note what his first language is.

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Recently, Eric Nam sat down for an interview with NBC Chicago. He shared his thoughts on K-Pop, Asian American representation, Chicago pizza, and his new English album, There And Back Again.

When asked about how he was breaking away from his K-Pop roots with the album, Eric Nam answered that it was always his goal to release music in the United States because he is American.

He was born and raised in the United States, so he is most comfortable with English. In fact, even when working on Korean songs, he writes the lyrics in English first.

I’m American. I was born and raised here. Singing in English is what I’m most comfortable with. I write all my music in English, even when I write for a Korean audience, and then I go back to translate it into Korean. And so it’s always been more natural to me.

— Eric Nam

Releasing an English album and promoting in the United States has not dampened his appreciation for K-Pop. He is thankful for the many opportunities that he was given in Korea.

Putting this second English album out and doing these tours in the most American way possible—it’s a different process, but I think there’s a lot that I’ve learned from K-Pop in Korea that have allowed me to do what I do, and so I’m really thankful for the opportunities that Korea’s afforded me. But also being able to do it on my own terms here in the States has been really special.

— Eric Nam

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