The English Part of the Korean SAT Is So Hard Even Ivy League Graduates Can Barely Pass

These Americans tested their knowledge to see how hard South Korea’s college exam entrance really is. 

BuzzFeed invited their workers to attempt to solve a few questions from the foreign language section of the 2011 College Scholastic Ability Test, which is equivalent to the American SAT.

The three workers from Buzzfeed all attended Ivy League or other high-ranking schools, such as YaleStanford, and UC Berkeley.

Prior to taking the test, the video disclosed some shocking and heartbreaking facts of the Korean Education System.

Although in 2014, South Korea was ranked “#1 in the world for overall cognitive skills and educational attainment” by Pearson Education, the education system often places pressure on the students which can compromise their happiness and health.

The average South Korean high school student only receives 5.5 hours of sleep tonight to accommodate to studying for up to 13 hours a day.

Of all suicidal Korean youths, 53% felt that the cause was due to their “inadequate” performance in school, which suggests a link between self-worth and academic performance.

The three Americans who took on the challenge of solving the questions expressed that the length of the questions was extremely long compared to the American SAT, and was very confusing.

Check out these questions and see if you can get the correct answer!

Answer: #1 81.51 percent of test-takers got this question wrong.
Answer: #5 This question had a 90 percent incorrect rate.

The BuzzFeed workers all chose the correct answer for the first question, and two of the three Americans chose the correct answer for the second question. Did you answer the questions correctly?

Check out the full video here!