English Pronunciation Teacher Analyzes BTS Jimin’s English Speaking Skills

Even teachers are impressed with Jimin’s English speaking skills!

An English pronunciation teacher gives his opinion on BTS Jimin’s English speaking skills. He explains that while gathering information to film a video on RM’s English skills, he came across Jimin’s English skills and was surprised at what he heard. He was shocked at how good his pronunciation was and wondered if he was good at English too.




He believes that Jimin is very good at breathing for every word when he speaks in English. In this clip of Jimin saying, “So crazy,” one might think, “what’s so amazing about that?” but it’s actually much harder than it looks. He is using the breathing method for each word, making his pronunciation and sound very natural.




In the next clip, Jimin says, “Thank you for having us here.” Instead of reading it all in one tone, he uses five separate breaths for each of the words.




When he says, “We love L.A.” you are able to hear the distinction between all the words. This may sound like nothing to some, but for someone who has not learned English, it is hard to carry that natural sound and nuance when speaking.




You can also see Jimin using many hand gestures while speaking in English. Many English speakers use hand gestures and facial expressions when they talk. You can see in the next clip that Jimin also uses his hands to match his breaths while talking. He also emphasizes the word “like” to express how much he really likes the person.




He is also shocked at how natural his pronunciation, intonation and nuances are when speaking in different situations. These things are usually not seen in a person that has not learned professionally or lived overseas.

The teacher ends with his final thoughts on Jimin’s English skills. He believes that Jimin has the ability to take in the language just as it is and thinks he would probably be able to learn other languages with ease as well.




Watch the full clip below!