The Members Of ENHYPEN Reveal The Biggest Challenges They’ve Faced In Their Career So Far

The road to being an idol isn’t easy!

There is no denying that the life of a K-Pop star is difficult with a series of ups and downs from their trainee days to debuting.

Although ENHYPEN was formed on the Mnet show I-Land, the members still had a tough journey before debuting. The group recently sat down in an exclusive interview with Vogue and discussed the biggest challenges in their career so far.

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Leader Jungwon explained that participating in I-Land was the most challenging part, but he believes that the future will bring more challenges as they have only just debuted. 

The filming of our first reality entertainment show was a little challenging for me because I’m on the introverted side. Since it’s only been months for us as Enhypen, I’m sure there will be bigger challenges ahead, but I’m confident that we’ll get through it together as a team.

— Jungwon

The group was formed during Mnet’s show I-Land. | Mnet/YouTube

It wasn’t just Jungwon who saw his members as a huge factor in getting through some of their toughest challenges. For Jay, he felt a sense of growth when the members encouraged each other, adding, “We got through difficulties together with a smile.

Jake also explained that it was the importance of being a team that can make the harder days easier to cope.

I felt touched seeing our members support and lead one another when someone wasn’t in the best condition. I always feel the importance of the team whenever I witness this.

— Jake

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As expected, one of the hardest parts of being an idol is preparing to debut, and that was the most challenging time for Sunghoon.

It was my first time as part of a team, so there was difficulty in adjusting to everything new. However, while experiencing things for myself, I learned a lot and grew as a person.

— Sunghoon

Sunoo also looked at the start of their career and the filming of their debut music video for “Given-Taken.”

There were moments where I had to try my hand at acting during our video shoots. I received positive feedback for my facial expressions, but I felt lost at times.

— Sunoo

ENHYPEN during their debut showcase. | Mnet

After debuting, ENHYPEN quickly took to the stage, performing on a large scale at the annual Mnet Asian Music Awards. It was the toughest time for Heeseung, but, like the others, found their members’ support vital.

The performance at our first awards show was difficult, and we felt drained preparing for it, but we finished strong while supporting each other and learned more about teamwork through the process.

— Heeseung

ENHYPEN performing at the 2020 MAMA. | Mnet/YouTube

Born in 2005, maknae Ni-Ki had to deal with the pressures of being an idol at such a young age and also leaving home.

I questioned whether I could do well on my own when I left Japan, but as this is the dream I’ve had since I was young, I think I was able to come this far with my passion.

— Ni-Ki

Despite all the challenges, it seems as if it is the support of the members which has kept them all going through some of the toughest times. With their career only just starting, this bond will be vital to keep the members positive and energized throughout their careers.

You can watch the groups’ music video for their latest comeback, “Drunk Dazed,” below.


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