ENHYPEN Reveal Which BTS Music Video Concept They Want To Try, And We Don’t Blame Them

They are true ARMYs!

When it comes to music video concepts, BTS is one of the best. Since debuting, the group has done various concepts from dark, cool, and bubbly, showcasing their diversity as singers and performers!

It is no surprise that, over the years, many groups have been inspired by BTS, and it seems as if the same can be said for fellow HYBE group ENHYPEN! The group recently sat down with Seventeen and took part in the Lyric Challenge, where the members had to guess the song and artist from a single line.

The first set of lyrics came from BTS’s 2019 song “Boy With Luv,” featuring Halsey!

As expected, as soon as the words came on screen, the members all knew which song it was and sang along, as well as adding their own moves!

When the song had finished, it seems as if the video had as much impact on the members as it did on ARMYs, and there is no denying why. With its bright colors and aesthetically pleasing video, it oozed charisma and coolness.

It also looked as if the members were inspired by the video. In particular, Jake explained, “I wanna do a song with this sort of concept.”

Jake then asked the members when they thought they would be able to do a song similar to “Boy With Luv.” Sunghoon then replied that it probably wouldn’t be for another five years, but it’s something that ENGENE would like.

During the video, the group also sang and danced along to BTS’s recent track, “Butter,” and the members are definitely true ARMYs!

With the group having only debuted last year, there will be plenty of time for the members to try different concepts. It will be exciting to see what ENHYPEN produces in the future, and they will no doubt find a concept that perfectly fits them!

You can watch the whole video below!

Source: Seventeen