ENHYPEN Doesn’t Need Makeup To Look Good And Here’s Proof

They need to drop their skincare routines, like now!

Everyone knows that teenage years can be quite difficult, especially for your skin! It’s the time when people are most acne-prone, to the point where getting it is considered a normal part of puberty!

So, we’ve got a couple of questions for ENHYPEN, as each member seems to look jaw-droppingly good with little to no makeup, despite all being between the international ages of 15 and 19!

Let’s take a look at every member of ENHYPEN showing off their bare faces:


As the charming leader of ENHYPEN, there’s never a day that Jungwon is anything less than perfect. During this live stream he sported an adorably fuzzy sweater as well as a no-makeup look. His face is smooth as can be, even on video!



Sorry, he left us speechless for a second! Even when completely doused with water, Jay looks absolutely stunning. The wet hair compliments his face perfectly, and ENGENEs everywhere were absolutely destroyed by this look on Jay.


Every time a picture is posted of Sunghoon, it serves as yet another piece of evidence that he is simply a perfect visual. In this image, Sunghoon’s skin looks gorgeous as he kills everyone with his cute smile directly into the camera!


Jake is another member that is often applauded for his one-of-a-kind visuals, and served ENGENEs with his totally flawless bare face during a live stream! It’s almost unbelievable how great he looks.


Ni-Ki isn’t often seen without makeup – but when he is, he drives ENGENEs crazy with his boyish charm! During a [-note] on the group’s YouTube channel, Ni-Ki spoke about his personal feelings while stealing the hearts of many.


In an interview for I-LAND, ENGENEs got a glimpse of what Heeseung looks like with a bare face and freaked out. The eldest of ENHYPEN has got seriously amazing skin, even by idol standards!


This smiley boy has some of the most diverse visuals around, pulling off both cute and sexy vibes with ease. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Sunoo slays no makeup looks as well!

What do you think of the ENHYPEN members going bare-faced?