ENHYPEN Reveals Their Favorite Part About Working On “BORDER : CARNIVAL”

“That process was really new and fun.”

The talented ENHYPEN recently released their mini-album Border : Carnival and back on April 26 and ENGENEs are loving it! To discuss their incredible mini-album, the members of the group spoke with Access for an intriguing interview!

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During their interview, the group was asked what they loved most while working on Border : Carnival. Heeseung discussed he loved that the album comes in 3 unique concepts that show off their duality!

Q: What was your favorite part about working on “BORDER : CARNIVAL”?

Our ‘BORDER : CARNIVAL’ album consists of three very different visual concepts (‘UP,’ ‘HYPE,’ ‘DOWN’). It felt like we were able to show off the various sides of us in line with each concept. That process was really new and fun.

— Heeseung

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Since the three versions of the album are so creative and different from one another, Jake explained each part’s visual concept.

Q: Can you tell more about the three visual concepts of “Up,” “Hype” and “Down”?

‘UP’ shows the moment we’re invited to the carnival, ‘HYPE’ depicts us momentarily putting our reservations aside to wholeheartedly enjoy the festive party in our own respective ways, while ‘DOWN’ illustrates the confusion that sets in once we find ourselves in this place where everything has been turned upside down.

— Jake

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Ni-Ki added he loved how the challenging choreography of their mini-albums hit song “Drunk-Dazed” brought all the members closer together.

Compared to ‘Given-Taken,’ the choreography for our new lead single ‘Drunk-Dazed’ is a bit more complex and dynamic, so our dance practices this time around were tougher and longer. But thanks to these extended practice sessions, I feel like our members became a lot closer and our teamwork grew much stronger.

— Ni-Ki

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Source: Access