ENHYPEN Reveals The Great Advice They Received From The Members Of SEVENTEEN

“The SEVENTEEN members once told me…”

The talented members of ENHYPEN recently did an interview with Consequence where they discussed their new incredible mini-album BORDER : CARNIVAL and more!

One of the intriguing questions ENHYPEN was asked was whether they had received advice from other artists that stuck with them. In response, Sunoo replied he received advice from their senior group SEVENTEEN.

Q: Is there any advice you’ve received from other artists that stuck with you?

The SEVENTEEN members once told me that while performing, there are moments where we’re not at the center, but at the side while on standby. They told us that this too is part of the performance and we need to give it our all in order to deliver a good performance.

— Sunoo

The group’s leader Jungwon also mentioned how amazing SEVENTEEN and other senior artists in their HYBE family have motivated and inspired them.

Q: What’s it like being some of the newest members of the HYBE family?

There are so many great artists within HYBE Labels, such as BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, SEVENTEEN, etc, whom we look up to, so we gain a lot of inspiration from them. We’re very thankful to learn from them at a very close range.

— Jungwon

Check out the interview below: