ENHYPEN Reveal The Heartwarming Things They Would Do To Cheer Each Other Up

It’s clear how much of a tight-knit group they are!

ENHYPEN sat down with Vogue and shared what traits they admire most about each other, as well as the small things they would to to cheer up another member.

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The seven member group is quite close, and it becomes obvious how well they know each other when talking about the other members. When asked what small thing they would do to cheer up another member, each member had a thoughtful answer. Jungwon started off by saying he would give Heeseung alone time to rest.

I’d like to give Heeseung downtime because he likes to relax on his own during his free time.


Jungwon | BELIFT LAB

Heeseung said if he found out Ni-ki was feeling sad, he would play video games with him.

I’d play video games with Ni-Ki all night if he was feeling down.


Heeseung | BELIFT LAB

Food is the way to many people’s hearts, and Jay knows Jake is no exception.

I’d make Jake a midnight snack – he loves to snack late at night.



Sunoo is another foodie, so Jake said he would make him food as well.

Sunoo has a genuine love for food, so I’d like to make him a delicious meal.



Sunghoon kept it simple, saying he would let Jay sleep.

Jay loves to sleep, so I’d help him get a good night’s sleep.


Sunghoon | BELIFT LAB

Sunoo showed how well he knew Sunghoon by saying he would give him healthy food since he has been trying to be healthier recently.

Sunghoon is quite health conscious when it comes to food these days, so I would offer him nutritious food.



Meanwhile maknae Ni-ki sweetly said that he would give Jungwon a massage.

I’d offer Jungwon a massage when he feels tired.



The members are all so sweet towards each other!

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