ENHYPEN’s Jay Once Hilariously Tricked Sunoo And His Reaction Was Adorable

“Were you trying to trick me?”

During one of their entertaining live broadcast, ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo and Jay read comments from their viewers as well as answered several of their questions! After the two read some interesting comments, Jay decided to trick dongsaeng and Sunoo’s reaction was adorable!

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

During their live broadcast, Sunoo viewed a comment that claimed, “You can’t touch the cheek and wink at the same time” Sunoo decided to test it out for himself and proceeded to touch his cheek and winked at the same time. It is the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

Jay lovingly teased Sunoo and stated that Sunoo is “Naive” to fall for comments like that: “There are naive people like you. That’s why they write this here.

Sunoo then leaned back and laughed at how he fell for the comment’s claim. As he died of laughter, his hyung smiled beside him. Sunoo then continued to show off that he could do what the comment said. Jay was still shocked at how pure Sunoo was and asked, “Are you being serious?

Like the viewers, Jay also messed around with Sunoo. Jay tested Sunoo to see just how gullible he is. Jay stated, “You can’t breathe with your nose while having your mouth open.

Sunoo fell for Jay’s words and attempted it in front of the viewers. Sunoo then turned to Jay and stated, “It works.” Sunoo is too cute! No wonder why Jay couldn’t help but mess with him.

Once Sunoo finally figured out Jay was messing with him he exclaimed, “Were you trying to trick me?” and Jay responded, “It’s the same.

Poor Sunoo covered his head with his hands and replied, “Come on.”

Jay then commented, “There are so many naive people in the world. It’s my first time seeing someone actually fall for it.”

These two are so adorable!

Source: V Live