ENHYPEN Revisits Some Of Their Iconic Moments And Memes On The Internet

Who else remembers the cake incident?

ENHYPEN sat down with Esquire to react to and explain the story behind fan-made memes and iconic moments.


First up was an adorable tweet comparing Heeseung to a cat.

And we can’t forget Jungwon posing like a giraffe.

They also revisited the time when Chance The Rapper shouted out Jake in a tweet, a moment that made Jake very happy.

A side by side comparison of Sunoo looking like Jack Frost was brought up as well, and all the members agreed that they looked alike. But of course, Sunoo is better.

And of course, we must bring up the infamous birthday cake incident.

Ni-ki called it an “unerasable moment,” and we all agree.

The members salvaged what they could of the cake, but the memory of it will live on forever. Watch the full video below to see all the iconic moments they touched on!