ENHYPEN’s Individual Vlogs Showcase Each Members’ Different Personalities In The Best Way Possible

They each have several admirable qualities.

While the members of ENHYPEN come together to form a cohesive group, they prove that they each bring something special to the table with their individual personalities.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki, Jungwon, Heeseung, Jake, Jay, Sunoo, and Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Over the last few weeks ENHYPEN has brought back their “EN-loG” series where each member filmed a vlog of themselves participating in various activities.

First up was Sunghoon who spent his time attentively learning how to properly craft espresso drinks…

…and elegantly tasting various types of teas. He showed his calm side and was effortlessly handsome just going about his day.

He was well-mannered to those helping him and proved that he’s a quick learner.

Ni-Ki spent his time with his older members. He went bowling with Jay

…and happily hung out at an arcade with Jungwon before they watched a movie. His bright and youthful personality was evident in his actions toward those around him.

Fans were glad to see him enjoying his years as a teenager despite his busy schedule and unconventional life as a K-Pop idol.

During his vlog, Jungwon tried pottery because he wanted to do something crafty. He totally had a knack for it with his patient personality.

Afterwards, he went on a drive while listening to music and proved to fans that he has a peaceful energy.

Later showed off his handiwork. What can’t he do?

Heeseung visited a dog cafe, where one animal was particularly drawn to him, which was fitting given his comforting nature.

He also went to sing karaoke by himself, and highlighted his truly humble character when he claimed he wasn’t warmed up after singing excellently.

Fans hope he’ll gain even more confidence because he’s deserving of it!

Jay spent time at a shooting range with Ni-Ki. Then decided to make a Gordon Ramsey pork belly dish, since he’s a chef Jay has always admired. It showed off his meticulous side…

…and his determination to make the food perfectly.

He shared the meal with Sunoo and Jungwon, proving just how kind and caring he is.

Jake went to a shop where he made his own leather AirPod case, which he was very excited for and he enjoyed every little moment.

He went to a wine tasting for the first time, and after had a meal that he enjoyed with puppy-like energy.

His energy was infectious and highlighted just how down-to-earth he is. His excitement for even the small things, like eating pork belly, was endearing to fans.

During his time, Sunoo enjoyed food and showed his genuine reactions with sweet smiles and thoughtful comments.

He showcased his playful side and was full of nothing but good vibes as he ate gelato and explained the flavors.

For many fans, his enjoyment of everyday things was therapeutic. His sunny disposition was lovely to see.

Though they each did different activities, ENHYPEN proved that their fans like them for good reasons. They all have admirable qualities that you just can’t help but love!

Source: YouTube