ENHYPEN’s Jake Reveals Why BTS’s Song “Dynamite” Is Such An Important Song For The Group

The song means a lot to many people!

ENHYPEN was the most recent group to appear in ELLE‘s Game of Song Association.

The members would be given a keyword. They would then have ten seconds have to pick a song with that word in it!

During one of the rounds, the group had to think of a song for the word “Run.” Immediately, Sunoo rightly thought of their seniors BTS and their track “Run.”

Jake then pointed out how important BTS, particularly their song “Dynamite,” is to them. As a group that debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic, he explained that their interactions with fans were difficult.

We debuted at a difficult time. Performing on stage in front of fans was something that was difficult to do.

— Jake

For them, the meaning of BTS’s “Dynamite” helped them through this tough time and spoke to each of the members.

Our BTS seniors released a song called ‘Dynamite.’ It was that, even in a difficult time like this, you can find your happiness. It’s that sort of message.

— Jake

There is no denying that BTS releases songs for their fans to help them through their most challenging times, and it seems to be the same for idols!

You can watch the whole video below.