ENHYPEN Jake’s Dog Was Named After A Song And Came With One Last Request From Her Previous Family

They only left one piece of advice for Layla.

ENHYPEN shared some artists fans wouldn’t expect to find in their playlists, prompting Jake to share the song that inspired his dog Layla‘s name and the last request her original owners left with him.

Jake and Layla. | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Jay revealed that he’s been listening to guitar music lately and crowned “legendary guitarist” Eric Clapton as one of his favorites. Naturally, he named the guitarist’s “legendary song ‘Layla’,” which sparked a story from Jake.

Though he’d mentioned it before in a tweet, Jake surprised the members by saying that very song was the origin of Layla’s name. He said, “My dog is named after that song ‘Layla’.

Jake explained that her original owners let Layla enjoy the song too. He added, “Her previous family played that song to her.” They also had one last request for Jake when taking Layla into his own family.

When Layla joined Jake’s family, her previous owners left a post-it note with one final wish. Jake revealed, “When they passed her to us, the only note they gave us was to play that song ‘Layla’.

From Layla’s sweet smiles, she loves her family and hearing the song “Layla” as much as she wants.

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Watch Jake share the only advice Layla’s previous family had for her happiness.